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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Brain Freeze

The course Stewie and I are attending is turning out to be somewhat of a nightmare.  It's really pretty siong but that's not the worse of it.  Neither is it the long hours (starts promptly at 8.30am and ends about 6-ish).  But it's the mathematical equations and the economics terms that these MIT/ Harvard lecturers are throwing about that's making the both of us feel pretty stooopid!  Not everyone in the room is a bloody economist/ statistician lah!!  Plus, our group facilitator is driving me mad! But the good news is that our group project is making some headway - thanks to Frenchie:)

Lily, Cally and Debs are off to HK tmrw (joining Pants, who is already there with her folks) - lucky girls!! I seriously need a holiday! Yes, I'm going to Perth in Dec with Nate and the husband but Dec is just too far away!  We are considering either having a staycation (a bit lame, but convenient) or go somewhere close (either Bintan or Langkawi).  Still thinking...

Anyway, I had really nice Jap food over the weekend at Sushi Teh at Paragon and thankfully, Nate was asleep for the most part of our lunch:)  Here are some pixs of the both of us (Perky is actually visible in the reflection!):

And here's a pix of Nate in his cute Petit Bateau outfit:

Alrighty... time for bed....I'm friggin tired!


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