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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Resuscitating My Love

It has been two months since I blogged!  Gosh!  You know, it has been that long since I even touched my laptop:)

Let's see, a great many events happened over the last two months:

1. The month of May was a total washout.  I was horribly busy at work as the office was essentially "shut down" to put together a huge event.  I just remember feeling bad about coming home late all the time (to a sleeping baby) and falling ill with the flu three times over a period of one and a half months!  That truly sucked!  It was made worse by the poor husband being ill and stressed (from assignments) as well.  May was also when Perky flew to Vancouver for a conference and I moved in to my mum's place for the week. It was the first time since I was pregnant that we were apart.  It was a tough week.  I was kinda moping the absence of the husband....yes, was just a week.  Still!

2. June was a whole lot better and Nate started doing a whole lotta new stuff!  He started sitting without assistance, started crawling like crazy!  He also started babbling in what seems like 'sentences' and has taken to 'talking' (more like complaining!) when he cries.  We also started feeding him solids from the first week of June and I really love feeding him!  I think he was probably super bored of milk...

3.  Just early this week, he also decided to surprise his parents by pulling himself up in his cot and looking at us brush our teeth!  Awesome:)  Here's a few pics that I managed to take of him doing this.  He was awfully pleased with himself as you can see:)

4) We also had a very enjoyable time at the Botanical Gardens with Perky's family.

5) We celebrated Father's Day at Goodwood Park Hotel with a special Father's Day lunch buffet:)

6) We are in the process of selling our beloved home :(  It has been a royal pain in the ass looking for a home!  We decided that it was getting pretty tiring commuting between my place and my mum's everyday (early morning and back at night!) and figured that if we could sell our place at our target price, then we'll move.  So, we've been getting quite a few people looking at my place and the only problem is that over the last 2 weeks, the property market for private homes has cooled.  Well, we've been praying for Him to help us through this!

7) I'm still breastfeeding!!  To me, this is an incredible feat (and a true blessing from Him!).  It has been super leceh - always trying to look for a place to 'express myself' (as Stewie calls it) when I go for external meetings, courses and such.  I actually wanted to stop at the 6th month mark but as I started slowing down, I kinda felt unhappy about the decision... so, I started up again and I'm very thankful for a super supportive husband (he packs my breastfeeding bag and assembles the parts for me in the mornings!).

That's just about the stuff that I can remember! I'll leave you with my absolute fave picture...for now!


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  1. Soon enough Nate will be standing and walking!! Time really flies!! I esp. love the photos with Nate smiling.. he's got such a sweet bright smile :D