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Friday, February 19, 2010

Being Pregnant

Recollection - Part 1

I clearly recall the day I found out I was pregnant. I was having a particularly crappy day at the office and I suppose a large part of it was my growing irritation at all things...and people.

On a whim I thought I'd go get a pregnancy test kit during lunch, not really believing that anything would come from it. I tested at the office bathroom and was astounded when I saw a faint positive! Naturally, I did a re-test. I remember feeling anxious (that it may have been a false positive) and afraid (what it would mean to actually be preggers). I suppose this would describe my entire first trimester since I didn't want to be overly happy....just in case.

I showed Sally my test kit and of course, swore her to secrecy! I also took pictures of it - I still have them. I called Perky and told him and true to our profession, decided on test re-test reliability (did it again when I got home). Both of us were obviously thrilled: Many pregnancy test kits later (an expensive endeavour!), I went for a blood test to confirm that I was pregnant.

I had a horrible first trimester - was puking so many times a day that I completely lost any sense of humour I had. It was really tough going - looking pretty unattractive, feeling like crap and having to meet deadlines! I suppose the worse was when I started bleeding - the first time it happened, I started crying inconsolably coz I thought I was gonna lose the then-fetus. It happened again when Perky and I decided to have a staycation at the Fullerton (lousy waste of $$!). So, apart from needing to be on IV drip for dehydration thanks to all the puking, I also had to deal with weekly scans to see if the fetus was okay.

I was only truly happy once I got past the 16th week when I was given the all clear. Plus my all-day sickness had stopped and I saw how our little Cubby was growing :) Praise God for all his blessings!

And For Today...24th Feb 2010

The pain from the horrid wisdom tooth surgery is improving - the pain is now bearable but eating is still a challenge. Perky went to remove his as well and his pain tolerance is incredible. One day and he's alright - I'm convinced he's a man-bot.

I went for my last facial at Clarins yesterday (love that place!). Too bad my package has ended. I started going last year when I was 2 months into my pregnancy all the way till my 8th month - where it got more uncomfortable than relaxing.

Btw, Cubby now weighs a lovely 6.2kg (that's double his birth weight!)and the cutie will be 3-months old tomorrow`:) I think I'm spoiling him silly. I bought a floor gym thingie for him (for my mum's house) and a HUGE Winnie the Pooh & Friends bumper playmat (for my place). Still, it's awesome seeing him enjoy the toys! His neck is pretty steady now and he's lifting his head up when on his tummy. I'll post some pics of him asap. Plus, I've been going crazy with the online shopping for outfits for him! Too cute lah!

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