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Friday, February 26, 2010

Recollection - Part 2 (Nate's birthday)

I enjoyed my 2nd trimester immensely. I was a lot more relaxed and it helped that physically, I was feeling great! The husband and I went on a crazy shopping spree for the baby and both of us had a whale of a time. I remember feeling somewhat disappointed when there was nothing else to buy! It was also very helpful that the GSS was on and we managed to get a number of the big-ticket items at a lower price:)

Throughout my pregnancy, the husband pampered me galore - I didn't take the public transport for a year! (Wife's taxi service rocks!!). I don't know if I'd get the same treatment if we had another child ;) I really relished the time that we spent together and although I was looking forward to Cubby's arrival, I periodically felt a tinge of sadness coz I knew that it wasn't going to be just the two of us anymore.

The 3rd trimester was just a haze of tiredness and trying to get as much work done as possible. Time flew and two weeks before my scheduled C-section, I was already on home rest. During the last trimester and particularly just before I was due, the husband and I majorly indulged in fabulous food (I love Hai Tien Lo's dim sum buffet!).

I still recall how I was feeling the night before the delivery - super-anxious and yet excited about seeing this baby that I had only seen through ultrasound scans. I was given instructions not to consume anything after midnight (what the?!! pregnant chicks are ALWAYS hungry) and that I had to register at the hospital by 4am. Perky and I went to bed at about midnight (I stuffed myself with as much food as I could consume!) and although Perky fell asleep the instant his head hit the pillow, I just couldn't fall asleep. I got out of bed about 3-ish and woke the husband and remembered thinking that in a couple of hours, Nathanael would be in our arms.

Apart from the side-effects of being overdosed on morphine (I was shaking uncontrollably for an hour after surgery), I would say that the worst aspect of that morning was the enema. I never had one, and I certainly won't be volunteering to do this again anytime soon. I was doubled over in pain in the bathroom and reckon had freaked the crap out of the lady who was in the room (they didn't have single rooms available prior to my delivery). This poor lady probably just got back from several hours of pushing and heaving her baby out and there I was groaning, crying and whimpering in the bathroom. It was like the worst stomachache/ period pain EVER! To think that I had to do it again a day after surgery!

I was somewhat worried about how the epidural would turn out given the alien being growing on my spinal cord but this aspect worked out:) Praise GHod! Just a bit malu with so many people (including 2 young male nursing assistants) in the surgery room with my bottom half completely exposed. Cubby came out within 7 minutes of er...cutting me open and all I heard was this amazingly loud cry! A very pissed off Nathanael who was probably sleeping blissfully at that time. Perky was next to me, holding my hand and the moment I heard Cubby cry, I started crying like a baby as well (so pai-seh!). I remember my anesthetist joking with my gynae that I needed a towel to wipe my tears! After the mandatory quick check by the paediatrician, Nate was placed in my arms...and yes, I started crying again. I blame it on pregnancy hormones!

That moment was just awesome. Here was this tiny little creature staring at my face (and pouting!).


  1. Nate inherited your infamous pouts then ;)))

  2. Be fun to see him pout in the same 'deh' way as Mummy! Haa!