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Sunday, April 25, 2010


It has been a mixed week!  Being at work was really tiring coz there were a number of external meetings and running around with expressing barang-barang was so lecheh!!  But thankfully, it was a somewhat short week coz I was on leave for 1.5 days - Monday afternoon (coz it was my mum's 60th b'day) and all day Tue (coz it was Perky's birthday)!

J & M flew down from Shanghai for 2 days as a surprise for my mum's birthday and it was really nice seeing them.  Tho, both looked damned poor thing!  It was also wonderful that they got to see Nate as they last saw him over Christmas.  It was also nice that my uncle from Perth had come to Singapore as well.  So, the whole bunch of us went to No Signboard Restaurant at VivoCity for mum's birthday dinner.  It was actually pretty frustrating because service was very very slow (they were obviously short of staff!) and the food was kinda so-so.  Still, the company was fantastic and it's always nice to spend time as a (huge) family!

Tue was awesome because the husband and I took the day off and what a wonderful and relaxing day it was!  We spent some time in the morning with Nate who tried eating his Daddy's pressie:)  And after that, it was couples massage at Spa Esprit at House, shopping and nice meals!  It felt so nice just being in each other's company and it really felt as if we were dating:)  My mum decided that Perky's present would be Sleep, so she insisted that we leave Nate with her that night.  How wonderful that was - coz I benefitted also, lah!

Anyway, Perky and I managed to have a romantic dinner last Fri as well.  We went to Viet Lang at the Old Arts House building and it was so pretty!  The food was pretty good too.  Here are some pixs of the place:

Perky's presents - besides the day out, I bought him a cute bear cuddling a baby panda (coz that reminded me of his wonderful relationship with his son) and a Georg Jensen elephant keyring for his car key:)

The week also ended with the birthday of Pants (also affectionately known as Panties).  The whole bunch of us went to NYDC at Novena Square and as usual, it was a thoroughly enjoyable lunch.  We even managed to embarrass the poor girl by singing her a b'day song (with the NYDC staff, no less!).  I'm just surprised we didn't buy her a bunch of panties as a know, being literal and all.


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