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Sunday, April 11, 2010

A changed woman

Motherhood has changed me irrevocably.  People who know me well, know that I'm a softie. I think it's gotten worse now! I get all mushy when I see babies now and I realise, get upset when I see children in distress as well.  I was waiting for my food at the foodcourt near my place when I saw this poor girl (prob about 3 or 4 years old) puking badly in the coffeeshop while her poor parents were trying to mop up the mess with those really useless tissue papers.  You know, the ones that tear the moment your snot gets onto it?  Anyway, my heart really went out to the poor child even as I was struggling to ask the drinks "aunty" (in this case, a Chinese national with limited knowledge of English) for a plastic bag for the kid to vomit into.

Anyhoo, Nate has been in a fantastic mood over the last week - he gets into these laughing fits, where every silly thing that the husband and I do is the most hilarious thing for the little guy:) I'm gonna try to upload a video of him in one of his laughing fits as soon as I download it onto my laptop.

I was telling MG that I think my little darling has been "bullying" me - I find it really difficult bottle feeding him coz he has developed a habit of holding bottle and playing with it while I'm trying to feed him.  And he thinks it so funny.  He doesn't do this as much when the husband or my mum feeds him!  Cheeky fella!


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