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Sunday, April 11, 2010

It sucks to be ill :(

Just as I finished writing my last post and dragged myself to bed, I started feeling funny (as in odd and not hilarious).  I started sneezing and coughing pretty badly and well, developed a really nasty flu.  To think I was overjoyed about having a super-long weekend that Easter Week having taken the Monday off!  The symptoms worsened on Monday night - I guess the lame medication I was given because I'm breastfeeding didn't really help - and had to sleep in the baby's room.  The poor husband had to take care of Nate that night and well, both of us didn't get much sleep.  I guess it's a lot easier breastfeeding at night than having to wait while warming up the bottle!  Both of us must have looked a sight coz my mum insisted on taking care of Nate the next night while the both of us go home and rest!  It was so strange sleeping without Nate by my side and I couldn't wait to see him the next morning.

Anyway, the husband and I truly appreciated the rest and I really was glad for the super short week!  I was just reflecting on this and remembered what an awesome miracle it was that I didn't get ill (not even a cold!) throughout my pregnancy!  And my immunity sucks - I'd get ill everytime someone in the office or at home got sick.  Imagine my anxiety given that I was pregnant at the time that H1N1 was at it's worst.  My anxiety bordered on paranoia particularly because my research colleagues and I were breathing H1N1 issues given that we had to put up daily reports on how the disease was evolving around the globe.

Praise God for watching out for Nate and I.


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  1. Hey!! Maybe I got the bug from u! :P It's definitely from u or your AD haha!