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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Getting Wobbly

We went to my mum's for lunch today - it was soooo good!  Mutton chops, beetroot salad, prawn and quail egg sambal, briyani and two kinds of desert!  Yum!!  After stuffing my face with food, I felt bad coz I've been eating for two :(  

I just find myself really hungry all the time (I blame it on breastfeeding!) and I've been munching on cookies and other unhealthy stuff at work.  I'm gonna be so fat!  The rot has to stop!!  Perhaps I shouldn't choose lunch over badminton next time!  

Nate went for his second round of immunisations on Saturday.  He cried about a few seconds each thigh (2 injections) and after that, was back to his smiley self.  The side-effects this time round were much better - in fact, apart from a slightly elevated temperature, he has been perfectly normal:)  

Anyway, we've been reading regularly to Nate and it's great that the lil fella has been enjoying this (for now at least!).  So the husband decided to go buy a mini library for his son!  Here are some of his books:

Er...sorry about the vertical pic!

Happy Easter!


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  1. They should give us the whole suite of immunisation jabs when we were babies, that wld last forever!!! *sob*