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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Decisions, decisions...

Post that I wrote on the 23rd August:

Last week ended of with a somewhat excruciating decision as to a property that we were seriously considering to purchase.  We went to look at the place - for the third time - with a large crowd, I may add and was none the wiser about whether we should buy or not.  It was kinda funny ambushing the poor owners of the place with family members from both sides! In the end, after much discussion between the husband and I, we decided that the place was just not for us.  The house, though nice, just gave me a negative vibe after the second visit.  We prayed about this and well, suffice to say, I felt instantly better after we decided that we weren't gonna go ahead with it.  As I was telling my colleagues, I guess I was trying too hard to like the place.  Partly because I thought I might miss out on a good deal.  Partly because I'm afraid of not finding a place in time.  Although my folks have already offered their home to us in the event that we can't find a home in time.  Alternatively, there's always Changi beach! :) So, it back to house hunting....sigh.

Perky, Nate and I are still recovering from the effects of the flu - though Nate and I are doing much better than the husband.  For some strange reason, he started having nightly fevers for the last three or so nights and has to go see the doc again.  I'm just so glad that Nate has gotten better - it really is quite traumatic trying to give a baby medication and in particular - nose spray and nose drops!  I'm glad that we didn't just try to make it for the trip coz the husband got ill the last - the day we were supposed to be on our way to Koh Samui!  I'm just praying for healing for him!  Anyway, we postponed our trip to the 11th Sept (yes, yes, didn't think much about the date in my ill state!).


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