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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

House Hunting Horror Story


Found the perfect home only to lose it to an unscrupulous, no-integrity owner.  Imagine the emotional roller-coaster ride that we were taken on!  Basically, we had a verbal agreement on a price and was thrilled that the owner - being a single person - said that she could vacate quickly.  We were meant to meet the next evening to do the paperwork but the next morning, my agent called to say that the owner recanted on the offer and wanted $4k more. 

More haggling followed and we tried to bring it down to an extra $2k instead of $4k.  A few hours later, another call - this time, carrying the message that the owner is not able to move out until the end of Dec! What?!!!  By this stage, the husband and I had become extremely upset and annoyed at this craziness. The husband makes the decision to stop this madness and essentially, to tell the owner to bugger off. 

But, important lessons were learnt:

1. Don't show yourselves to be so enthusiastic about a place
2. Don't forgot to bring your cheque book when house-hunting
3. Don't forget the axiom that "If something seems probably isn't". 
4. This is weird coming from a couple that deals with/ has dealt with highly manipulative individuals for a living - Don't trust so easily!

I'm sure I'll learn more along the way as we renew our search for a home but I do pray that the journey isn't gonna be one that is filled with such craziness.  

So dear readers, do keep your fingers and toes crossed for us, will ya?


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  1. May THE home show up really soon!!! *fingers and toes crossed, hands clasped*