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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Signed, Sealed and Undelivered

Well, we sold our beautiful home:(  Yup, we signed the papers last Monday and it wasn't a wonderful feeling.  The couple who bought our home was so keen on the place (and 'keen' is seriously understating it!).  We got a decent price for the place and now we are on to searching for a new home.  It has been a tiring and frustrating search thus far.  And it certainly isn't easy when there's a baby involved - the husband and I need to plan our day (usually around Nate's feeding times), drop him off at my mum's and rushing through the viewing (coz I feel bad about having my mum take care of Nate during the weekend - even if it's for 2 hours!). 

My nightmare is that we will not be able to find a suitable place before our doom due date of 15 November when we have to get out of this home.... I've promised the husband this evening - after a round of useless viewing - that I'll try my best to be positive about the whole thing.  BUT, it's tough!

This home - albeit situated at an "ulu" joint - is really special for me for a number of reasons and some of the main ones are as follows:
1) It is our first home (ok well, the bank is the real owner!)
2) We put in a crazy amount of effort to make this a lovely home - I paid a designer, but I did most of the conceptualisation.
3) It reminds me of our wedding - since we were crazy enough to prepare for two things at one go :)
4) The husband and I spent many an evening in LOVE...kekeke (insider joke!  Just couldn't resist it!)
4) My pregnancy and Nate's first home!

So, why are we selling? To be closer to my folks since they care for Nate during the day and the commute to and from home/work every morning and evening really adds to the fatigue.

But I guess new and wonderful memories can always be formed in a new home but I'm not quite ready to think that way for now.  Till then, I must remember to take lots of photographs of this place to show Nate what his first home looked like.

I do pray that we'll find a place special enough for us to set up camp!



  1. No Emerald? Ruby? :P
    All the best for the love nest-hunt!

  2. Thanks, babe! Please do keep us in prayer:)