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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Nate's 8 months!

Well, this post - just like all my other posts - is way overdue!  Nate turned 8 months on the 26th July. so I'm am about 1.5 weeks late with this update:)

It really is amazing to see Nate grow from this helpless, crying infant to this somewhat boisterous, curious, fun-loving little baby.  He has learnt a great many tricks over the last two months and I honestly regret not being able to update this blog on time coz I'm missing out on charting his development as it happens rather than having to provide a summary!  One of the main objectives of even starting this blog was so that I won't forget all the little experiences...oh well!

So, to my precious little Nate:

1. You now climb over anything and everything - it seems as if crawling has become kinda boring for you.  You treat everything like a mini obstacle course - including, your mummy and daddy.  This makes the both of us very tired because our place isn't baby-proof and we have to tail you everywhere you go.  But we let you explore, coz, how else are you gonna experience all the weird and wonderful things around you?

2. You have been clapping your hands and it has been quite funny because you even clap when you are on the cusp of sleeping:)

3. Over the last two months, you have also learnt to identify a few things - like flower, car, bird, dog - and I think Jako has made an impact on you because you (mostly) sit quietly and listen when I'm reading you your book about Dogs.  You tend to maul most of your other books:)

4. You've mastered the art of saying 'No' by shaking your head and this almost always happens when I'm feeding you and you don't want your food.  I know you certainly understand the concept of 'No' because you listen when I tell you not to put "illegal" stuff into your mouth.

5. You've become incredibly sticky to me - much to the chagrin of your Daddy.  You seem to only want me to carry you - especially so when you are sleepy and when you wake up in the middle of the night.  You complain and cry when Daddy tries to soothe you during the zombie-hours and become instantly quiet when I carry you.  Unfortunately for you, we started "re-training" you from last night to be "weaned off" needing me (and my boobs) - and boy, did you turn on the waterworks!  I'm pretty sure our neighbours hate us.  But you fell asleep in Daddy's arms after 15 minutes of crying and being given some water.  And Mummy screws it up by feeding you at 3am when you awake!  Mummy and Daddy really need to stick to the programme!

6. You had your first haircut last weekend and I was super proud of you.  You sat there quietly throughout your haircut and was just observing everything that was going on around you.  Even Jimmy (the "hairstylist") was pleased, especially since the little boy before you was screaming blue murder!  I think you've inherited my vain genes, my darling!

Before the haircut 

After the haircut
7) You also had your first swim in the pool at our place.  We kitted you out in the baby swimwear that Daddy bought for you from Vancouver and as any good kancheong parent, put on a confidence suit and your swim diaper.  You loved the experience and just like dogs, you just instinctively knew how to paddle:)  Although, you seemed a little too interested in your float since we caught you trying to eat it a couple of times:).  We took a video of your first swim and well, until Mummy gets a bit more tech savvy, I'll post the video but I guess these pictures will suffice!

Mummy could also be a float with all that chubby bits!

That's about all Mummy can think of now....but I just want to thank Him for bringing you into our lives and designing you the way that He has.  We love you dearly, my little love and we can't wait to see all the new stuff you'll be doing over the next month.


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  1. Aww i super love this post!
    Tho I'm not sure if you *really* want Nate to be reading this when he's all grown up (and sensitive to words like b**bs???) haha!