Mr & Mrs Perky

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bald Baby & the Dying Plant

These days, when someone asks me what I did the day before, I often draw a blank.  It takes me a couple of minutes (and sometimes intervention by the husband) to recall what I was up to.  This, particularly the case for weekends and after-Nate (AN).

I was just reminiscing the time Before Nate (BN).  The husband and I would wake up really late, go for brunch, do a bit of shopping, catch a movie and other such incredibly relaxing activities.  But somehow, come Monday, I'm still tired.  That's how slothful my body became!  There's nothing like being a parent that just changes all that.  Leisurely brunches and long sleep-ins are obviously not possible right now - heck! I'd even settle for 5 hours of uninterrupted sleep and be blissfully happy after.  Strangely though, I seem to have a lot more energy now - I guess the body just has to deal with the crazy lifestyle.

This weekend, the husband and I took Nate for his long overdue hair appointment.  Since the poor chap's hair wasn't quite sprouting the way it ought to, we decided to go for a clean shave.  It was over really quickly but not before some tears and a truly ridiculous duet of Itsy Bitsy Spider (Nate's current favourite nursery rhyme) by the husband and I (in public!).  I'm still not used to the new look and hoping that his hair grows at the rate that his fingernails grow (exponentially!).  Here's a pix of my lil bald baby with his large, super-roundish head:)

My dear colleague, Lily, was entrusted to take care of my beloved plant and when she returned my nameless plant back to me, I was horrified to see that a quarter of it was dead.  Ok, maybe not horrified since the entire Hello Kitty nightmare overwhelmed the somewhat-dead plant!  Anyway, Lily swore that she took good care of my plant and immediately proceeded to pluck out the dead bits!  Here she is looking somewhat contrite....Maybe Pants would have done a better job?

Oh well...Thanks for babysitting anyway, Punxatawny:)



  1. What!? NOBODY wld have done a better job than I did with the nameless plant!!! But the quarter probably died while I was away in Dubai and Europe... poor Cally doesn't have muchova green finger thing going on hahahaha :P

  2. PS: Baby Nate has a lovely round head!!! :)))) AN and BN... lifechanging indeed! Don't forget to write more about the in-between too!