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Sunday, March 28, 2010

What a Week!

Predictably, the week that I begin work was the week that the husband and baby got ill.  Well, the husband had a cold and cough and Nate got the bug.  The night before Nate started showing symptoms, he was being very fussy and didn't sleep from 3am onwards and I got a little irritated - particularly since I had work the next day.  I felt really bad about feeling that way the moment my mum called to say that the poor baby was sneezing and coughing:(  Anyway, both the husband and Nate recovered pretty quickly and the rest of the week went ok.

Nate turned 4 months on Friday and he was supposed to go for his second round of immunization, but we had to postpone it since the poor chap was ill.  So, it's a date with the doctor for the nasty business this coming week.  I finally got the photographs downloaded onto my laptop and here are some recent photos:

On his LG bumper playmat for some tummy time:)

Going back to work was pretty surreal - I kept thinking about how it was when I was pregnant.  Going to the bathroom, for instance, made me recall the numerous times that I had to run to it to puke!  Other than this, it was kinda difficult to get back into the groove of things and I'd say that I was very unproductive in my first week back at work.  I guess having to "express myself" - as Stewie refers to it - regularly is also pretty disruptive...but bo pian!!  The lil fella needs his meals!  Btw, my b/f is back on track :O) 

Nate has been on a schedule of sorts over the last month and a half (purely accidental!), the husband and I have been able to cook - something that we enjoyed doing thoroughly BN - and even watch dvds:) We made sweet and sour lean pork with zucchini this evening....hmm....


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  1. Nate has such lucious eyebrows! :))
    What is b/f??