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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mini Civil Servants?

It was Bring Your Kids to Work day yesterday and while Nate was just dragged to my office and back, it was nice to bring the husband around finally.  Not that there was anything exciting to see in an office full of cubicles.  Nate was amazingly quiet - not a peep!  One of my colleagues described him as "zen-like".  I guess he has his moments:)  Either that or he feels at home in that staid building.  A civil servant in the making?  Er.....

This event signifies the end of my term as the Staff Welfare Chairperson and I must say, I'm really glad it's over!  I remember how tough it was to get things going when I first started - particularly in terms of getting the team to band together.  But it happened and I really appreciate every single member (some more, some less!) and it's nice to have shared the experience with them.

Speaking of work, my maternity leave has come to an end and I'll be starting work tomorrow :( I guess I'm just feeling apprehensive about getting back into the swing of things after such a long break and more importantly, having  to deal with missing Nate when I'm in the office.  Especially since he is becoming super adorable with his laughter and all the little new things that he is starting to do.  And the thought that I won't be there to experience a number of these 'firsts' bug me.  But I'm so glad that he'll be in very good hands.

My mum has an amazing amount of love for her grandkids and Nate is certainly no exception.  She loves him so much and she actually misses him when she doesn't see him for a day!  I'm awed by the amount of energy she has in taking care of the 3 musketeers (Nate, Ethan & Isaac) and the rest of the family.  I'm in my thirties and I already have aches and pains lah!  And I suppose it really helps that Mary is around and who loves the kids so much as well.    

Apart from my date with the helpdesk folks (I've been booted out of the network), here's to hoping for a (somewhat) smooth day at work tomorrow!


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