Mr & Mrs Perky

Friday, March 19, 2010

First Day Back @ Work

I finally exhausted the full 16 weeks of maternity leave and went back to work today:(

It was a day of mixed feelings - I missed Nate throughout the day but had a wonderful time at work thanks to the antics of the SFSG members (including two new members - Pants and Debs).  They took the liberty to re-decorate my cubicle and boy, was I horrified.  Here's a look at their handiwork:
Yes, my new designation....

Thanks for a funny morning, ladies :)

Nate was not too happy when I got home and according to my mum, he was pretty moody and fussy all day and she figured that he probably missed me as well.  I wonder how long it's gonna take before I don't feel so lousy leaving him in the morning...sigh.

Time to go to bed!



  1. You're a great mom... don't feel lousy! You have a great mom too, who's like the most awesome and amazing granny, so all the more dear Cubby's in great hands :) May you and Perky enjoy every moment of the parenthood journey!!

  2. Thanks, my dear:) u r such an encouraging woman!