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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Nate's baptism & MG's lil Joshua

Nate's baptism service is next Sunday and the husband and I had to attend a compulsory session at church. By and large, it was a really meaningful session that covered the meaning of baptism as well as the responsibilities of Christian parents (built on a foundation of a loving marriage and putting Him first in everything we do as a family). It's going to be tough raising a child but I am looking forward to it. All I know is, I'm sure I'll embarrass my child with hugs and kisses till he is old enough to tell me to stop malu-ing him:)

The only lousy part of the session was when the pastor spoke about how the Church has been saddened over the last few days with the death of a 4-month old baby from SIDS:( Of course, that got me down coz I put myself in the shoes of the baby's parents. It must be the worse possible thing for any parent to experience.

The only wonderful thing that happened last week was that MG finally delivered lil Joshua after 2 days of pre-labour dramas! Joshua was born on the 3rd of March and like all newborns, was so adorable:) Certainly brought back very recent memories! I also saw pics of KI's newborn as well - so cute! That's 3 psychs who gave birth one after the other and another one due very soon!

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  1. wow the psych's are certainly a fertile bunch! haha :))
    Blessings upon the family as Nate gets baptised too!!