Mr & Mrs Perky

Monday, March 1, 2010

New Gadgets :)

Yesterday was an exciting day! The husband got his new car - a lovely Chevy Cruze and I got my MacBook:) It's so fancy :) My old Toshiba (may it's soul rest in peace) died a slow death. I had it for so many years and I got a measly $100 for it! Oh well, better than no money. Actually, this is the first laptop I bought for myself - imagine, at this age!

I also started exercising yesterday:) Played badminton for about an hour and strangely, my body didn't hurt after. I guess taking care of a baby has kinda strengthened my body. I really need to hassle Lily to play badminton with me regularly when I'm back at work. Need to lose the flabby bits!!

I'm so excited for MG - she's gonna have a baby soon! Hopefully, it isn't gonna be a protracted process. My prayers with you, my dear! Can't wait to see your lil fella!


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  1. Alright man! We have 4 in the badminton team already! (Debs, Cally, you & me!) Andrea has abandoned us for *ahem* players beyond our league :P